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Here's your chance to contribute...

Sherril (Hohn) Blair:

Enjoyed getting the reunion info. At this time, I don't know if I will be able to attend. My Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary is around that same time, so maybe I can tie it all in together.

I will send a bio at a later date. E-mail is

Additional telephone numbers -

  • Home: 901-754-6908
  • Cell: 901-240-773.
The number you have listed is my office number - My extension there is 135.

Jim Tysdal:

Was great to hear that you are spearheading the 40th reunion of our class. Mary and I are looking forward to this event and at first look at the dates we should be able to attend. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again after so long. My e-mail address is: Talk to you soon. Tyz - Appleton, WI.

Tim McEntee:

We are planning to join you for the Reunion. Profile will be sent later.

FYI: Bill Toman's current address is: 6771 S. Riviera Ct. Unit 1221, Aurora, CO 80016.


Linda Kruse-Cooper:

what a joy, to get an invitation to my 40th reunion and not another bank wanting me to get their card-good work you guys, you should be proud. I compiled my profile and it had about 220 words vs yours of about 140, so as soon as I tone mine down I'll send it- I just bought a computer so please bear with me. After all these years when I tried to get hold of Nikki, I even waited outside of NSP once hoping I would catch site of her, and now I have her address, that , plus hearing that a lot are retired, like myself, as sometimes I am forced to say, but Don, I do have to say that on every Valentines Day I remember when we were crowned King and Queen of Hearts, we were in the fourth grade. Then there was Buche, when him and I were "Greenest Freshman", cheerleading in junior high, then my popularity went on the down swing when I started running around with senior high kids, but heck, you got homecoming king and "went with" the homecoming queen from MHS, now if that isn't discrimination, but I don't mind because I like and liked Barb in high school. Thanks to you I have so many people to email, I am going to try like heck to make it this summer, it would be great if I knew Boyle was coming. I can't wait to tell all of you about the miracle, maybe I'll compose and sing-guitar , one of my songs by then. -so long for now -

Editor's Responses

Don and Mike's Comments:

Thanks Guys and Gals. It may have taken forty years for us, but I'm sure most of you long ago came to the realization that friends and relationships are all that matters. Please let us know how you're doing.

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