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The Irish played against the Germans. The game ended in tie. There will be a playoff in 2014.

1.In 1964 the senior class had a foreign exchange student. The name of the student was:

a. Darrell Oswald
b. Chic-Ping Chi
c. Marilyn Boyle
d. Kana Yamaguchi

2. On May 14, 1964 a Notre Dame senior set a school shot putting record. That student was:

a. Bob Buche
b. Bill Toman
c. Kathy Krier
d. Darrell Oswald

3. On February 21, 1964, at a pep rally before a basketball game with Bridgewater, Fr. Holtzman said:

a. Six Our Fathers and four Hail Marys
b. Nobody knows. It was in German.
c. We are going to kick some protestant butt.
d. Tonight's game will be a matter of water under the bridge.

4. On December 28, 1963, Notre Dame took part in something called the Little 4 Tournament. Who were the little 4 and what was the tournament?

a. Notre Dame, Marty Mission, St. Francis and Stephan
b. Notre Dame and Mitchell High's first 4 grades
c. Notre Dame, Howard St. Agatha, Dell Rapid St. Mary and Salem St, Mary
d. Linda Kruse, Kathy Krier, Mary Ann Sharkey and Tim McEntee

5. What was the tournament?
a. It was a contest to see which school had the four smallest nuns.
b. Volleyball
c. Basketball
d. Track

6. In 1964 the school janitor's name was Sylvester Haiar. What was his nickname?

a. S. H.
b. Sly
c. S. H. I. T.
d. Sib

7. In 1963 Notre Dame played six conference football games. The team lost two. How many did they win?

a. None
b. Four
c. Three
d. Two

8. Who was the main sex education instructor for the boys in the class of 1964?

a. Sister Louise
b. Mr. Richard Kelly
c. Fr. Doyle
d. Linda Kruse

8. Who won the 1964 Superbowl?

a. Minnesota Vikings
b. Greenbay Packers
c. Baltimore Colts
d. None of the above

9. After the Lone Ranger saved the day he rode off into the sunset. Someone would always ask, "Who was that masked man?" Someone would say, "I don't know but he left this behind." What did he leave behind?

a. Tonto
b. A card that said, "Have gun will travel."
c. A silver bullet
d. A pile of horse manure

10. Which one of these songs was NOT one of the top five hits of 1963?

a. Surfin' USA
b. Sugar Shack
c. The End of the World
d. Can't Get Used to Losing You

11. What did Buche, Boehnan, Tysdal, Quinn and Don Young do to Chuck Dann on April 3, 1963?

a. Threw a watermelon at his house
b. Each asked his daughter for a date
c. Called him on the phone
d. Chased him through the cemetery

12. What did Lenny Jarabek, Bob Shaw, Joe Unzicker and Dave Ricketts have in common?

a. They all went to Notre Dame.
b. They all had long greasy hair.
c. They all thought Corrine Sullivan was hot.
d. They were in a band.

13. What was the band called?

a. Joe Unzicker's Band
b. The Lancers
c. The Nightmares
d. The Caddies

14. Who is Alfred H. Radar?

a. That's the guy from M.A.S.H.'s real name
b. Assistant superintendent of schools
c. First track coach at Notre Dame
d. He married Joan Koch

15. Mary Rozum and Judy Crawford met the stars of the 1961 Corn Palace show and were told that they looked just like them. Who were the stars?

a. The Lennon Sisters
b. Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren
c. The Three Stooges
d. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

16. What was Glenn Draisey's nickname?

a. Tall guy
b. Sleepy
c. Slippery
d. Slick

17. Who was the Davison County Outstanding 4-Her of 1961?

a. Dave Boehnen
b. Don Young
c. Joan Koch
d. Margaret Green

18. What are the words in the Notre Dame fight song after, "Shake down the thunder from the sky?"

a. Old Notre Dame will win overall
b. What though the odds be great or small
c. While her loyal sons are marching
d. Send the volley cheer on high.

19. Where in Mitchell did the members of the class of 1964 usually go when they went outside their homes?

a. The Corn Palace
b. High Mass at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday at Holy Family Church
c. Charlie's
d. Dog & Suds or the A & W

20. What is the greatest benefit available to 1964 graduates now that they did not have in 1964?

b. College students call you sir or ma'am.
c. Going to confession is much less stressful and takes a lot less time.
d. You can park in front of a store in the handicap zone without being hassled.